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Content management system is what it is and where it is used?

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July 24, 2016
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Content management system is what it is and where it is used?

Content management system

Content Management System (Eng. Content Management System CMS) – software tool kits help simplify Web sites hosted on the content (text and graphic) management. Fundamental vardymo the advantage that the developing and changing the content or structure does not require any special (programming) knowledge.

One of the main CMS  goals – to ensure a smooth user experience.

Fields of application – the websites, newspaper publishing, open content projects (like Wikipedia), companies in information management in the system, e-commerce and other fields.

According to the Lithuanian linguists standards, content management systems (CMS) to be called content management systems ( TTS ). CMS typology is not a well-established and very strict.

Commercial type of content management system


Lithuania used the most popular content management system


One of the most popular  open source CMS systems  Lithuania otherwise – the “bad” management system. ” WordPress ” has a particularly simple appearance and easy operation. Novice, for the first time in managing this system, you only need a little time to digest its management. WordPress is a very cool system, suitable for those who want to write their own “a blog or create a news portal.


The world is very popular content management system. Joomla is open source, completely free and available to every home user. Joomla has a simple installation and content editing, the CMS system is suitable for almost every type of project. They can be used to create and personal websites or business websites.


Drupal is a free content management system. It is characterized by simplicity and suitability of any area. The CMS setup wizard is very simple. Drupal for creating community portals, discussion sites and personal e-commerce sites, and so on. Establishment of a “newcomers” this CMS – a great choice.


If you use this CMS, your customers intelligently and clearly will be presented in the catalog, incidental encourage visitors soon become buyers. Despite the fact that it is free, for nothing can get this CMS Lithuanianization and lots of beautiful templates. This CMS is very useful for those who are just starting to build your business and want without having to invest a lot of e-store, customers have a reliable and lovely eyes of their electronic goods store.


Popular Lithuania used content management system. One of the reasons of popularity – easy operation. PHP-Fusion system has indeed a number of features that lets you modify the number of newly created site areas.


Forum management system used by many Lithuanian forums. Contents Margins and intuitive “interface’ą, and it is characterized by a number of database servers support a lot of functions from the administrative panel, extensive FAQ. This forum CMS to implement a truly simple, just “one click of a button.” As depends Forum, phpBB has a BB codes support a wide range of templates to choose from. It is important that the CMS would not be “burdened” severe design, since for the first time in the forum užėjusiam person will be difficult to understand and so categories of rankings.