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SEO What is it and where is it used? Search Engine Optimization

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SEO What is it and where is it used? Search Engine Optimization


SEO. Have you ever listened to yourself?  What is SEO? If so then this article is for you. I will try to briefly explain the significance of SEO.


First (Eng. Search Engine Optimization short. SEO ) Translated from Eng. Search Engine Optimization, but maybe it should be possible to say the website content optimization and customization for search engines ie (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, AOL,, Excite, DuckDuckGo, etc.). But more precise adaptation of only one Google. As an example, if you optimize your site Bing search engines will improve site visibility in all the other search engines systems as the Google search engine in the world it is the most popular and is used by about 90% of the total global Internet users looking for information on the Internet. My advice would be  created by a web site to optimize it is by the google optimization recommendations … read more >>>
SEO search engine popularity

There are two parts of search engine optimization

Built-in SEO (Eng. On Site SEO)  as well as external (Eng. Off Site SEO) . Internal SEO being conducted technical Website Optimizer works on the site, so the search engine analyzes and understands the contents of the site. The internal search engine optimization is important to select the site page titles (Eng. Title), to maintain the optimum, maximum 3% keyword repetition frequency.

There is also a meta tags (Tags) . Simple website visitors do not see them, they are designed to search engine spiders and help them to identify the contents of the site. Meta tags are divided into meta description and meta keywords. Meta tags are added to the site displaying the HTML code. Most modern content management systems allows to do it easily and painlessly using the administrator control panel, but if your website is free content management system, or if the content management system still does not have this function, meta elements should be inserted between the body tags (eg .: < meta name = “description” content = “My web page description.” />). Meta tags should be in each of your site’s inner pages and, of course, comply with its contents. It is worth noting that the Google algorithm takes into account only the “meta description =” tag and completely ignores the “meta = keywords”, but other search engines (Bing, Yahoo, Yandex) “meta keywords” is still more attention.

External SEO, the most common site tries to attract as many backlinks (Eng. Back Link) according to certain criteria. Search Engines are the most valued contextual backlinks, which are those that come in the Constitution, and the reference is a specific keyword, which aims to raise the site search engine. For some external SEO work (blog posts or SEO Writing, comments in forums) SEO sometimes discipline is synonymous with online public relations. True, although these disciplines can be found similarities in their objectives and results and different.

Factors influencing site positions in Google search engine, in 2009 there were more than 200. They all are not precisely known, as the search engine algorithms are not publicized, in order to prevent manipulation of them. However, Google will provide continued guidance and advice on search engine optimization. The most common changes announces Matt Cutts, who is Google’s anti-spam (Eng. Web spam) department. In turn, the search engines Yandex represents and news as well as recommendations for optimization notify Ochir Manjikov.

Legal and illegal methods of optimization

Search engine optimization is divided into two types: the search engines allowed and forbidden (Eng. White-hat SEO and black-hat SEO). To optimize one of the most popular Google search engine in the world, must follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines “following procedures.

The most commonly used black-hat methods are various manipulations with backlinks. It links the purchase or special program leaves complaints in forums and blogs. In order to better combat these manipulations 2012 Google April 24 presented the Penguin algorithm.

Using illegal web page search engine optimization techniques, the site sooner or later will be removed from the search engine results pages (Eng. Search Engine Result Page, briefly. SERP). Black-hat methods are usually used for online fraud.

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