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Web sites development, maintenance services

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July 24, 2016
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July 24, 2016

Web sites development, maintenance services

web sites development

Web sites design – my area. Web sites design for many years is not only a hobby for me, but also work, in addition I can offer and  web site maintenance services . Web site – not just your business card on the Internet is a source of information, which you must exploit. Remember that this is not only the simplest, fastest, but also the cheapest means of reaching potential customers.

website development

I work very quickly, as noted by my clients . The website will have in a few days.

You will find a google search, you will have your company name corresponding to the e-mail.

A website will be a unique, innovative designs and also friendly for search engines (SEO).

You will be able to enjoy my work , web site will be created in the user easily absorbed in the content management tool, so that the same can add / edit website information.

You will be able to declare to the world about themselves and their products, write articles, post production photos, contact with customers.

Web sites development, the most common parts:

  • Content Management System ( CMS )
  • banking payments
  • unique design
  • flash`as
  • catalog
  • Photo gallery
  • bad
  • forum
  • registration
  • calendar
  • Inquiry form
  • GoogleMaps map
  • survey
  • ir tt

 Internet portals types:

  • Personal portals
  • News portals
  • public portals
  • cultural portals
  • Corporate Portals (Enterprise Portal)
  • Securities portals
  • Submission Portal
  • Service portals
  • E. government portals

In developing the state and municipal institutions and agencies websites I follow the   methodological recommendations  on state and municipal institutions and agencies web sites matching the general requirements. Guidance is available on the Information Society Development Committee under the Ministry ‘s web site .

A web site  has to be continuously updated and maintained. Now the Internet is spreading a lot of malicious code viruses and their variants, which can unexpectedly install on your computer, and then the mail server or website. After all, your main page is to publish a variety of news about your services, and not malicious hacker code.Thus, to maintain and upgrade it are also needed.

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